Tooth Sensitivity

  If you look at a cup of hot coffee or tea, or a cold soda, or crunchy foods, with a mingled sense of anticipation and dread – anticipation for the tasty goodness, dread for the shooting pain you know you will feel in your teeth when you take a bite or a swallow –… Continue Reading

Killer Toothaches and at Home Remedies

Toothaches can occur for many reasons such as, infected gums, teeth grinding, tooth fractures, and the most common- tooth decay. These symptoms can occur on any circumstance, but mainly from not properly taking care of your oral health. At home remedies are becoming more and more popular on the market today. Because toothaches occur at… Continue Reading

How to Properly Floss Your Teeth

Every time you eat, tiny food particles get wedged down in between your teeth. You brush your teeth like you are supposed to daily and a couple days go by when you then remember it is time to floss. Those food particles you thought you got out with your toothbrush have already decayed and are… Continue Reading

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals have a bad reputation for being scary and painful. I am here today to tell you quite the opposite. Root canals seem scary at first, but have many advantages to getting them done. Understanding what a root canal is, knowing the advantages of having it done, and learning about the signs and symptoms… Continue Reading

A Kiss To Remember

Have you ever leaned in for kiss to realize your partner has a stench or funky breath? Or even realized they have food in their teeth? This can definitely ruin the mood or even be a deal breaker for some. How do we save ourselves from being this person? We take the time to floss…. Continue Reading