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No one wants to start the New Year off with the worst possible cold ever, the flu! Cold and Flu season has crept up on us and is spreading rapidly. Take precautions now and protect your immune system with a few of our recommendations.


If you are not updated on your immunizations, make an appointment to do so. This is vital for your immune system to know how to fight off bacteria strands if you were to come in contact with them. Immunizations are important to your health so make sure you are up to date and maintain them yearly.

Washing Your Hands

We touch hundreds of things during the day and unfortunately our eyes are not advanced enough to see the amount of bacteria we come in contact with. By simply washing your hands or using anti-bacterial sanitizer can help protect you from bacteria spreading and causing possible sickness. In addition to washing your hands throughout the day, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as well. These are open areas that bacteria can enter your body through, so make sure to keep your hands cleaned and away from your face as your go about your daily routine.

Change Your Toothbrush

Our toothbrushes are used to remove bacteria from our mouths. It is important to not only change them regularly to prevent bacteria build-up, but also after we are sick so that we do not keep contaminating ourselves. Never share a toothbrush, as this could make you vulnerable to sickness if the person you are sharing with was sick or currently is sick.

Protect Your Immune System

Taking vitamins daily, getting sleep, exercising, and eating a well balanced diet will help build your immune system stronger daily. When your immune system is strong, it is harder for bacteria to break it down, causing you to get sick. So get up, get active and build up your immunity this season!

Reduce Stress

Stress breaks down our immune system so during stressful times in your life, try to find ways to cope so that you do not get overwhelmed. If it is work related, take a few days off or swap shifts with a co-worker to give you a day of rest. If it is personal, dive into fun activities that you enjoy and keep your mind busy. Whenever you have the opportunity to rest, make sure you take some down time because your body needs sleep to function and rejuvenate!

Now that we have you back up and running, following these simple steps can keep you in the clear this season. Taking care of your body is vital to your daily performance and we are always here to help. For additional advice on proper dental care, contact our professional Alpharetta dentists at SmileScapes. Our state of the art facility and professional staff are here to accommodate you and your family for all of your dental needs.

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