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Alpharetta Dentist

We enjoy hearing from our patients! To leave a testimonial of your own, please use the button below.

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Everything and everyone was perfect. My comfort was of the upmost importance to Dr Woods and the staff. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Margaret E.

Honestly, my teeth were so bad nobody would touch me. After Dr. Woods helped me, I can now eat foods I couldn’t. I am totally sold on implants and Dr. Woods. My life took on a totally different path after you fixed my teeth. I was able to meet and greet people without embarrassment, the pain was gone after 15 years of torture and I could enjoy the social interaction that goes along with parties and such. I feel honored to tell people about the miracle of Dr. Woods and my teeth.

Ms. Judy

Dr. Woods and the staff are without question professional and courteous. I and my family have been long time patients and would highly recommend SmileScapes to anyone reading this review.

Mark B.

Another fabulous experience! I really enjoy how well the office staff gets along. Brit did a fantastic job as always. She is so sweet and has an amazing memory. She remembered things about me from a year ago when I was last there. Unbelievable! Kudos to you, Dr. Woods, as it takes a great leader to have such an outstanding team.

Michelle W.

Dr. Woods,
I am extremely pleased with my new implants, mouth, and smile. Since I had been smiling with my mouth closed for so long, it has been great to be able to “flash” my teeth every chance I get. You did a terrific job and I have been telling my story to anyone who will listen. I hope that others will take advantage of the outstanding skills that you have, not just with implants, but with all the services that you provide.
As you know, this has been quite a journey for me and you have been there every step of the way. The research that I did and the education that you provided convinced me that, despite the cost, getting the implants was the best long term solution for me.
I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain during the initial surgical procedure and the almost immediate improvement in my mouth. While the healing and waiting time required a little patience, it was well worth the outcome. The entire process went just as you said it would, and I am very pleased with the results.
You and your staff have provided me and Mickey with the best dental services over the years and we are so grateful for that. We look forward to having you in our lives for many years to come.


I was referred to your office with great reviews. They were right, the staff and doctor are great. They keep you well informed, don’t start procedures with consent and make sure you are aware of all steps during your procedure. I would and have recommended them to my friends and family.

Tania N.

Great as always, couldn’t be better. Won’t go anywhere else as long as I live in GA. The most important thing is how I never feel lectured for any dental issues that arise. That is the best thing that separates this dentistry from others. That is what people want. It’s brief, thorough, friendly advice on how to improve things.

Diana G.

Sam was awesome, as always. I’m most appreciative that Dr Woods was so kind and found a way to work my unexpected filling situation in his busy schedule. he saved me two trips!

Kelly S.

Dr. Woods and his staff are great. They are very professional and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Woods work is excellent.

Tim O.

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