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What Are Dental Bridges?

Also known as partials, dental bridges are used to repair gaps due to tooth loss. Dental bridges can be created within the patient’s mouth or sent out to a lab to be fabricated from porcelain or metal. If created within the patient’s mouth, bridges are generally made of composite resins that are fused to metal backings and fit in to fill the gaps in the teeth. The dentist may opt to have the bridge made of porcelain or another form of metal. In these cases, a detailed mold is taken of the patient’s mouth and the bridge is fabricated based on the model. While the bridge is being created, the patient is fitted with a temporary bridge. As with any dental procedure, your bridge experience will begin with a thorough oral examination and consultation with your dentist.

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What Are the Benefits and Costs of Getting a Dental Bridge?

The cost of getting fitted with a dental bridge can rely on a few factors including location and the dentist performing the procedure.

A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It can also protect surrounding teeth from shifting after a tooth has been lost. Replacing missing teeth can improve your speech and self-confidence.

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