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Decaying teeth can be misleading at times because not only does decay effect the outer enamel- the hard outer coating of your teeth, but it effects the inside layers- commonly known as the dentin and pulp areas, as well. Bacteria will continue to grow and damage the inside of your teeth if the warning signs of decay are not taken care of by your professional dentist. Common warning signs include- bad breathe on a regular occurrence, black on your teeth, a change in tooth size, or even teeth breaking or falling out. If you notice any of these occurring, contact your dentist immediately and make an appointment for a check-up.

Warning Sign #1: Decaying Smell

Have you ever smelled anything that has decayed and stuck around for a few days? It is not the prettiest smell and it definitely has a tendency to linger. Like any other decay, a smell will be present until it is removed and the problem is fixed. Bad breath happens to everyone from time to time, but do you ever notice that your mouth constantly has a stench to it, even after to brush? If you do, then you may have decaying teeth in your mouth. Rotting teeth occur because proper maintenance was not occurring on a daily basis. Brushing can only do so much. If you do not floss before you brush, you leave dead food particles in between your teeth for bacteria to multiple. The bacteria start to chew down your enamel and the additional layers inside your teeth until they are completely vulnerable. If you do not take care of this warning sign, it could lead to painful nerve exposure and or complete tooth lose.

Warning Sign #2: Black Teeth

Blackening of a tooth can result from a cavity, as they are black. If you notice blackening of your teeth, it is also best to get them checked out by a professional dentist. If you do not take care of this warning sign, bacteria will continue to multiple and begin to rot your entire tooth. At this point, the root of your tooth has died because the enamel, dentin, and pulp have rotted and cannot support the tooth anymore.

Warning Sign #3: Changing of Tooth Size

If you notice your teeth becoming smaller, it is most likely a result of the bacteria in your mouth chewing away your enamel, causing decay. At this point, it is best to reach out to your cosmetic dentist to talk about available options. If this is not taken care of, the bacteria will cause your teeth to thin out and become brittle.

Warning Sign #4: Teeth Breaking and Falling Out

The most obvious warning, if the above have not been taken care of is the actual breakage of your teeth or if your teeth begin to fall out. When you teeth started turning black, your root was already dying and it can only hold onto a tooth for so long until it is ready to break away. At this point, you will need to have cosmetic procedures done to enhance your oral appearance.

At SmileScapes in Alpharetta, GA, we take pride in educating all of our clients on how to properly care of their teeth in addition to recognizing problems to address. Signs of decay are easy to spot if you pay attention to the warning signs. If you happen to notice any of the above, we recommend you reach out our professional Alpharetta dentist and schedule an appointment to get them checked. Saving your teeth at the beginning stages will not only save you time and discomfort, but money as well. Replacing missing teeth due to decay is far more expensive than having your regular dental cleaning– or spending the five minutes per day flossing and brushing.