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Toothaches can occur for many reasons such as, infected gums, teeth grinding, tooth fractures, and the most common- tooth decay. These symptoms can occur on any circumstance, but mainly from not properly taking care of your oral health. At home remedies are becoming more and more popular on the market today. Because toothaches occur at random times when we least expect it, there are a few at home remedies you can use to help mull the pain over until you can visit your dentist.

First, lets visit the common symptoms of toothaches:

  • Mild to sever pain in infected area that lasts longer that a day or two
  • Swelling around the tooth or gum area
  • Pain when applying pressure to the tooth area
  • Fowl taste in your mouth
  • Fever or headaches

Now lets look at the top five at home remedies:

  • Wheat Grass: Wheat Grass is not only healthy for your overall health, it also works as a great mouth wash for cleaning your teeth and calming toothaches. If chewed, wheat grass works as an astringent and draws out toxins from the gums.
  • Floss: Flossing the infected area will help reduce pain and discomfort due to removing decayed food particles and releases pressure around the tooth.
  • Cold Compression: Applying a cold compress around the infected area will make the tooth insensitive and help with overall relief. In addition to temporary relief, cold compresses will also reduce swelling and can help relieve achy pain. Do not apply ice cubes directly to the infected area- put them in a paper towel and place them where the ache is.
  • Oral Rinses: If floss is too painful, doing a rinse with saline water, mouthwash, or salt water, can also aide in reducing pain. Rinses will help to remove food particles and bacteria from your mouth and help to reduce the pressure on the infected area.
  • Fluoride Toothpaste: Fluoride toothpaste is common on the market and when used daily, it can help reduce the first signs of toothaches and also help when a toothache occurs. Apply a small amount to the affected area or simply use a gentle brush to brush around the tooth.

At home remedies are great for temporary pain relief, but if your pain continues for more than two days, then it is always recommended to consult with your professional dentist in Alpharetta, GA to make sure additional dental care is not needed. Also, talk to your dentist about additional cleaning methods you can incorporate into your daily life to keep up good oral health and prevent those dreadful toothaches. Always remember to floss and brush at least two times per day and stock up for additional at home care for those emergency pop ups.

At SmileScapes, your Alpharetta dentist, we take pride in helping you feel your absolute best from the inside out. If you have any questions regarding your oral health, please feel free to reach out to us at any time by simply contacting us directly or scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our highly trained team members.