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Have you ever leaned in for kiss to realize your partner has a stench or funky breath? Or even realized they have food in their teeth? This can definitely ruin the mood or even be a deal breaker for some. How do we save ourselves from being this person? We take the time to floss. As simple as the task is, flossing is the number one thing to be forgotten about when trying to keep a healthy mouth.

The main reason people tend to floss is to get rid of their bad breath. Your mouth is the perfect haven for bacteria and other particles to hide and get lodged in hard to reach areas. Over time, when you forget to floss, these particles begin to smell due to rotting. Since your toothbrush cannot reach them and mouthwash just temporarily covers the stench, your only other option is to floss and actually remove them. Now that you have flossed to remove rotten food, you can also have a guilt free mind and know that flossing does so much more- like help achy areas.

Have you ever felt a tooth ache come on and was told to floss the surrounding area? After flossing did it feel better? Of course it did. This is because over time, as particles settle in, they begin to apply pressure on your gums and surrounding areas. This can cause minor pain and a little toothache. When you floss, you physically remove these particles and it relieves the pressure of the achy area.

Not only does flossing help prevent bad breath and relieves minor pressure- it also helps to prevent tooth decay. Our smile is the first thing we see. When we meet someone and notice yellow or stained teeth, white yucky gums, or even tooth decay, we seem to have a hard time believing they care about their overall health, On the contrary, when we see pretty white teeth, healthy looking gums, we assume that person lives a healthier life style.

Your mouth is the one part of your body that will say everything about you without you having to say a word. Unfortunately, if you do not take the time to take care of your teeth and gums, everyone around you will notice. Flossing is the simplest task when keeping your mouth healthy. Not only is it the simplest, but it provides the most benefit as well. Removing rotten foods, relieving minor pain, and fighting against tooth decay are just a few things this little super hero can do for you. If you do not believe me, take a second to smell your floss afterwards and then wonder if that is what everyone around you smells when they embark upon a conversation with you. Not pretty, but it can be solved. Make your floss your new best friend and starting reaping the benefits today.