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Many of us go day to day without knowing that even the simplest of tasks and foods are doing damage to our teeth. We go days without properly flossing or cleaning our teeth because we are unaware of these dangers. At Smilescapes, we understand that your smile creates first impressions, so we take the extra step to show you how taking care of your teeth is important and easy to incorporate in to your busy lifestyle. If you have noticed any signs of decay or have any aches in your teeth, see if these could be possible reasons.

Top 5 Reasons for Damaged Teeth

Using the Wrong Toothbrush:

There are many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing your toothbrush. The main thing you should look for are the bristle types: hard or soft. Hard bristles can be too rough and cause damage. Select a toothbrush with soft bristles for gentle cleanings.

Don’t Go Overboard With Brushing:

Though brushing is a great habit to practice on a daily basis for general oral care, there is such a thing as brushing to much. The general rule for brushing is no more than two to three times per day. When you over brush, you weaken your enamel, which can cause sensitivity. Keep your teeth healthy with daily brushing, but do not go overboard.

Using Your Teeth as Tools:

One of the most common tactics someone can do to damage their teeth is to use them as tools. Opening cans with your teeth and biting things off with your teeth can cause your teeth to chip or break- leading to pain or sensitivity. Instead of using your teeth, use other tools made for your task and save your teeth from damage and aches.

Eating Meat:

Indulging in a juicy hamburger on your Sunday cookouts seems to good to give up, but by simply flossing afterwards, you can save your teeth from decay. Meat tends to get wedge in between your teeth and as it sits there, it attracts bacteria. As a result, you have decay.

Eating Breads:

Believe it or not, eating bread can actually cause damage to your teeth. Breads contain high amounts of sugar and as you consume it, it sticks to your teeth and can cause decay. Though it is one of the most common food sources, try substituting or switching to brands that contain less sugar.

With proper flossing and routine dental cleanings, keeping your teeth healthy should be an easy task on a daily basis. Avoid selecting the wrong toothbrush, over brushing, using your teeth as tools, eating meats without flossing, and avoid breads due to sugars to protect your teeth against decay and other damaging factors. For best results and proper care, always remember to stay on top of your professional dental cleanings and reach out to your Alpharetta Cosmetic Dentist for any aesthetic damage that may have resulted.

For additional information on how to maintain proper oral care, contact your professional Alpharetta Dentist today. You can also view our additional services online, as well as schedule a consultation with one of our professional staff members.