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We understand that a busy lifestyle can make time pass quickly. Before you realize it, your smile will be due for another dental exam and cleaning. We recommend that you schedule your next appointment prior to leaving our Alpharetta dental office, to prevent missing an important cleaning. Skipping a professional cleaning and exam could be costly in numerous ways.

Preventive Measures

Routine dental exams prevent advanced oral diseases (such as decay and periodontal disease) from developing. Regular exams allow our dental team to detect early signs of mineralized plaque (tartar), which can cause much extreme damage to your gums and teeth. Other oral problems such as dry mouth, loose fillings, and impacted wisdom teeth can also be found and treated at our dental office in Alpharetta, GA to prevent worsening dental problems.

Time Matters

The sooner dental problems are detected, the less invasive and costly the treatment will be. During your visit, our doctor will screen your smile for early signs of decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

In early stages of gum disease, a non-surgical deep cleaning is able to treat mild to moderate conditions. However, advanced cases of gum disease require gum surgery. Cavities also benefit from early detection. Cavities can damage and infect the pulp of your tooth. Pulp infections require root canal therapy. When a cavity is left untreated for a longer period of time, the infected tooth may become very damaged and may require an extraction. Regular check ups at our Alpharetta, GA dental office prevent costly treatment such as extractions and root canals from being needed.

Please visit us more than twice a year to keep your smile stronger and brighter! Contact the Alpharetta dentist to schedule your next dental exam. We look forward to your visit!