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One of the first, immediate attention grabbers when meeting with someone is their breath. We have all been through meeting someone who has the hot, smelly breath and then trying to escape the conversation to catch a breath of fresh air.

The two major factors that contribute to stinky breath are bacteria and decaying food particles in your teeth and gums. Sadly to say, brushing your teeth is not enough to keep these smelly monsters from getting in all the nooks and crannies of your mouth. Keeping your teeth, gums, and tongue clean on a regular basis is the first starting point to maintaining fresh breath.

  1. Make sure you brush your teeth at least two times per day. This will help to get some of the crud off the surface and help to keep your teeth white.
  2. Unfortunately, your tongue is not as smooth as you think. It is the perfect place to hide unwanted bacteria and food particles. Take the time to use your toothbrush, edge of a spoon, or a tongue scrubber to get those nasty bacteria, amongst other things out of the ridges of your tongue.
  3. Have you ever flossed and smelled it after? I bet the smell was not pretty. This is the reason you need to floss. Flossing will help dislodge the food particles that have been stuck to your teeth and gums for sometime now I’m sure. You may experience minor bleeding at first, but removing those particles that have been stuck to your teeth for who knows how long will help maintain not only healthy breath, but will help to prevent tooth decay as well.
  4. Keep your mouth moistened. Morning breath is the worst, I’m sure we can all agree. This is because your saliva production slows down during the night, allowing bacteria to hang around. Saliva is like a superhero to your mouth because it constantly fights off bad breath. It has agents that will kill all bacteria and help keep your mouth moist throughout the day. Drink plenty of water to help keep your mouth moist.
  5. There are several over-the-counter long-acting mouth rinses designed to combat bad breath. They attack the sulfur produced by the bacteria that contribute to bad breath. Use one without alcohol.

Bad breath is not hereditary. It is a common ewe factor for everyone. Preventing it before it happens is the best way to keep your mouth fresh and clean. Start brushing more often, scrubbing that tongue of yours, flossing, and drinking plenty of water during the day. Before you know it, you will say good ridden to bad breath, hello to freshness.