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One of the most tasks parents dread is getting their children to brush on a regular basis. Is this a problem for you two? It seems getting a child to do anything consistently can be a challenge for most, but it can be easy when the right steps are taken from the start. To get them started on the right track, you have to start early, maintain the baby teeth to reduce discomfort, and make it fun for them as they grow.

First step to getting your children excited about brushing is to actually start brushing their teeth during the first stages. Have you ever had a sore tooth, then brushed and flossed it to help reduce the pain? When they are around six to eight months old, their teeth will start to grow in.

During the growing process, it can become painful and result in discomfort. If you start early and wipe down their baby teeth, with a cotton ball, from time to time, it will help to remove the plaque that builds up. By doing this, you help to reduce the pain and discomfort and it makes them become used to having it done.

As they continue to grow, you want to make sure you are helping them brush their teeth on a regular basis. Stress the importance of it and make it a morning and nightly routine. The more they do it, the more it will turn into a habit.

Last, but not least- make it fun for them. Let them choose a fun toothbrush and yummy toothpaste. This helps them to create ownership and makes them want to brush. In addition, introduce them to some fun facts about teeth and animals. This will make them more interested in the subject. Below are a few fun and interesting facts for you to introduce to your kids.

10 Fun Facts for Your Kids:

  1. Did you know that an elephant’s molars weight between 8-10 pounds each? Imagine all the food they consume.
  2. Ants can lift up to 50 times their body weight with just their mouths.
  3. Since crocodiles cannot brush their teeth, they allow little red birds to pick at them to help keep them clean.
  4. Did you know that snails have teeth? They sure do. They have around 25,000 teeth on their tongues.
  5. Rabbit teeth never stop growing. They are kept worn down by the foods they eat.
  6. Humans grow to have 32 teeth in their lifetime.
  7. Mosquitoes have a total of 47 teeth
  8. Lemon sharks grow a new set of teeth about every two weeks
  9. Whales go an entire lifetime without any teeth
  10. Humans grow two sets of teeth in their lifetime. The first set lost is commonly known as “baby teeth” and then their permanent grow in and last a lifetime if take care of properly.

Now that you started early, stressed the importance early, and made it fun for them to do, your children will be brushing their teeth on the daily in no time. Remember to make it an important part of their day and at times brush your teeth with them. Getting them interested in it will make it more appealing, while keeping up their oral hygiene. In addition to creating the habit at home, make sure you get them used to visiting your Alpharetta dentist on a yearly basis. At SmileScapes, our professional staff takes pride in ensuring your family becomes our family over the years. From all your yearly dental cleanings to simple tips to take home, we will be here every step of the way. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to visit our Alpharetta location.