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Caring for your gums and teeth properly, requires keeping an eye out for issues and abonormalities. You are the first line of defense when it comes to you’re daily cleaning routine.

Checkups and professional cleanings are important because serious health conditions can be noticed early. Some symptoms that are silently developing in your mouth could lead to more serious conditions. These symptoms include:

  • Unusual patches, lesions or inflammation
  • Red swollen or bleeding gums
  • Pain in gums, teeth and jaw
  • Bad breath
  • Loose or the loss of teeth

Notify your Alpharetta Dentist if you see any changes in your teeth and gums during, while, and after brushing your teeth. Swift reaction to early symptoms could be important so your dentist can provide a thorough examination and treatment. If these issues are noticed early, your dentist can prevent more serious health risks.

Below Are 5 Common Warning Signs to Look Out For:

Unusual Patches, Lesions or Inflammation

A white or yellow canker sore could be benign. You don’t want to take any chances without seeing your Alpharetta GA Dentist. Ignoring these issues could be more serious than expected. These unusual patches, lesions or inflammation could cause oral fungal infection or other sever health issues.

One of the most common forms of cancer in the United States is oral cancer. Typically people who ingest heavy amounts of tobacco and alcohol see symptoms of small white or red lesions in the mouth.

Oral cancer signals include:

  • Trouble with bleeding sores that don’t heal
  • Tissue that is discolored
  • Numbness
  • Mouth cheeks, neck or head with irregular tissue or lumps
  • Problems with teeth alignment

See your dentist if any of these symptoms are detected so they can take immediate action.

Red Swollen or Bleeding Gums

If you are experiencing aches in your mouth and bleeding gums, then you may have a form of gum disease. Those who have diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease. Diabetes and other health issues could decrease how the body fights different infections.

The gums could be vulnerable to plaque (which lives in bacteria) and it could cause inflammation. Other symptoms may be parched mouth, bad breath or oral fungal infections.

Pain in Gums, Teeth and Jaw

These symptoms typically are signs of stress. Stress can be the catalyst of several physical and mental illnesses.

By contacting your Dentist in Alpharetta GA, Dr. Woods, he can provide a dental solution for toothache, sinus or gum disease.

Bad Breath

The food and drinks you consume could result in bad breath or dry mouth. Another contributing reason that bad breath continues could be the effect of gum disease or gingivitis.

Recurring bad breath may need immediate medical attention. Without proper treatment, you could develop health conditions that include:

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Infection of the lungs
  • Sinus infections
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Loose Teeth or the Loss of Teeth

When gum disease is more advanced, teeth could become loose, move or fall out. The loss of a tooth could be the first sign of osteoporosis (the weakening of your bone density).

Osteoporosis, which is typically found in elderly individuals, is linked to bone loss in the jaw. Nearly one-third of adults that are 65 and older, experience tooth loss.

On average, nearly 10 million Americans don’t receive the proper care for osteoporosis. This occurs because the condition is undiagnosed until a bone is fractured or broken.

Women are three times more likely to lose a tooth if they have osteoporosis. With a balanced diet, proper exercise and regular visits to your doctor, osteoporosis could be diagnosed and treated before anything serious happens.

All of these issues should not be ignored. Your oral and physical health could be at stake if action is not taken.

Refer to your Alpharetta dentist if you’ve noticed any of these symptoms. Be sure to schedule regular appointments to learn more about your oral health and to prevent against gum disease.