Which Toothpaste Is Right for You?

  Brushing your teeth on a daily basis is vital to maintaining proper oral health. Choosing toothpaste is an easy task for anyone, but why is there always an overwhelming amount of choices and what do they all mean? Are you wanting to whiten your teeth, protect against tartar and plaque, or freshen breath? The… Continue Reading

How To Get Your Children To Brush On A Daily Basis

One of the most tasks parents dread is getting their children to brush on a regular basis. Is this a problem for you two? It seems getting a child to do anything consistently can be a challenge for most, but it can be easy when the right steps are taken from the start. To get… Continue Reading

How to properly care for and brush your teeth

Ever since we were children we’ve heard, like a broken record, “Brush your teeth! Don’t forget to floss!  Don’t eat so much sugar, you’ll get cavities!” But what really is the big deal, anyway? In today’s world can’t you simply replace rotten teeth with shiny new implants that will look and feel as good or… Continue Reading